What a To-Do! How To Write The Perfect To-Do List

4th December 2017


I’m sure we have all been guilty of writing a ‘To-Do’ list and then completely ignoring it or simply forget to keep it up to date. Well Matilda Myres loves lists and knows that to achieve your goals you can simply follow these top tips on how to use and write ‘to-do’ lists and stick to them.

Create a Master ‘To-Do’ List

Brain dump all the things you want to accomplish on to this master to do list. Don’t forget personal admin tasks as well as work related ones.

Categorise & Allocate Priority Tasks

–          To-Do now – Write the list of tasks to be done now in your notebook (or Matilda Myres ‘To-Do’ planner)

–          To-Do this week

–          To-Do on a certain date

–          To-Do anytime

Use your weekly schedule to allocate time for these tasks. Fill any blank time with your ‘To-Do anytime’ tasks.

Author: @toriandthebear